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We are no longer offering group training classes or play camp.

We are offering private classes for behaviour issues. Please check out the Trust Technique section.                  


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About Us


We teach you to build a confident and trusting relationship with your puppy or dog working with the Trust Technique.

PuppyTails has been in Orangeville, Ontario for the last 25 years. We have been voted #1 Dog Training Facility in Dufferin County from 2008 to 2020. We won the Spirit of Dufferin award in 2020

Sue Woodworth, owner of PuppyTails Training, is certified in the Trust Technique® for domestic animals

Trust Technique® Testimonials

“Bella and I are lucky to have found Sue and her expertise in teaching the Trust Technique®. As a first-time dog owner, I wanted my puppy to be the perfect puppy. I was anxious and very nervous when we were around other dogs and people. I also lacked confidence and was overthinking in dealing with Bella and she knew it.

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My solution was giving her a treat to do what ever I wanted her to do. Sue recognized that Bella and I could benefit from the Trust Technique® program. She led Bella and I through a series of exercises, allowing us to make mistakes and learn and grow. Sue always provided a calm, encouraging and positive environment. Sue’s proficiency in the Trust Technique® allowed Bella and I to develop a bond with each other, to be calm and trust. This has in turn reduced stress, anxiousness and behaviour issues. The results are better than I could have ever hoped for… not every day is going to be perfect but that is OK. Thank you so much Sue for introducing us to this program and thank you for sharing in a fun and positive environment. You are the best  ”

Brenda and Bella

A Trust Technique testimonial from Cathy and her dog Ryker! When Sue first showed me a video about the Trust Technique, I remember being very curious. “Why on earth are these people out in the pasture with those horses, and why are the horses all asleep on their sides? That is not what horses do around people!” She explained to me that this is about building a trusting relationship between humans and animals.

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So, when she asked me if I would be willing to be part of her practitioner training, I agreed to be one of her case studies with my own dog. I truly did not know how it would affect my relationship with my dog. I really did not think I had any significant concerns with him– he did not have any aggression issues, or anything that would make someone reach out to a trainer. However, I did know my young dog was not as confident about life as he could be. He can be sensitive to noises, he hated the crate, and sometimes when I worked on training with him, he would just shut down and no longer take food from me or play with a toy with me at all. I was getting frustrated, not knowing how to get through to him that this could be fun. Since building my relationship with him by using the tools introduced to me by Sue, I have noticed a change. He is now calm in a crate, and he is more confident in general. He will actually play with me now, every day! He looks to me when he is unsure about something, and I think we have a deeper connection. This journey has changed something more for me as well now….when I see dogs out there in the world “acting out” I realize that in that moment, that animal is simply showing they cannot have a quiet mind. It has made me more patient with them in general, understanding that they are struggling with a situation vs interpreting it as trying to give their humans a hard time. Thank you, Sue, for inviting me to be part of this journey of yours. It truly is like nothing I have ever seen before to build a trusting relationship between people and animals. May you have the opportunity to teach this to many!

Cathy and Ryker

Does your puppy or dog?

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Are reactive towards dogs?

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