About Us

Founder: Sue Woodworth

My name is Sue Woodworth and I have had a love for animals my whole life. I began training and showing dogs in 1986. I showed in the Obedience ring and competed in Novice, Open and Utility levels with my German Shepherd Murphy. Murphy and I were active in the St. John’s Pet therapy program where we visited local retirement homes on a weekly basis.

In 1994 I opened my own obedience training school for family dogs. As I was always looking for new training methods,
I would attend seminars and conferences on a continuing basis. At one of those conferences I was introduced to the Tellington Touch method of training. It was totally different from any training I had ever done and it was there that the seed was planted.

In 1997 I began fostering young puppies from the local OSPCA. With the help of my 2 daughters, we would work with these puppies until they were adopted.  One of these puppies, a boxer-cross named Mocha never left.

She was a wonderful puppy who was abandoned in a dumpster and was terrified  of thunderstorms. It was at this point that I remembered about the TTouch workshop and signed up for a week long training seminar in Quebec, Canada to see if it could help Mocha overcome her fears.

After 7 days of training and surviving 7 thunderstorms with Mocha, we came home with a whole new method of working with animals. I went on to complete my training to become a practitioner and graduated in 2001 as a level 1 Practitioner for companion animals.  In July 2005 I became a level 2 Practitioner for companion animals. TTouch is a very important part of the work that I do, not only with PuppyTails, but also other animals that I own and work with.
I am a current member of the Tellington TTouch Practitioner’s guild, as well as being certified in Pet First Aid. I am a certified Animal Reiki Master

In 2018 I was introduce to The Trust Technique®. I watched a video on facebook of this guy sitting in a paddock, surrounded by horses. The horses came around him and laid down, some of them even went to sleep. I decided then that I wanted to find out more about what this guy was doing, so I attended a 1 day workshop with a friend. It was an amazing day and I signed up for the video course. After finishing that course I enrolled in the practitioner training and I  became a certified Trust Technique® practitioner in May 2020.

I share my life with my partner, my dog, my cat, my parrot and my ball python snake.

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