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trust technique

Deepen your connection,
Advance your communication,
Share healing,
Develop Trust

The Trust Technique® is the life’s work of James French and Shelley Slingo. It is a technique of working with animals by using mindfullness, which can be described as “not engaged in thinking”.

When a animal has a behaviour issue, the owner will usually ask for help for only the animal. However, the owner can benefit from the Trust Technique® as the animal can often mirror the owner’s issues. Since people and animals are sensitive to each other’s feelings, The Trust Technique® is a process of finding peace. This can help to resolve problems for both people and their animals.

Some training methods for working with animals come from a place of fear or dominance. The Trust Technique® is not about training, but is about relationship building, which can create a peaceful environment for both people and animals.


The Trust Technique® recognises that an animal is a sensitive being with their own opinions and values and is very much a part of a consultation with a person. What develops from this are real connections between them.

Animals can feel when people are afraid and also when they are peaceful. The Trust Technique® works by lowering thinking levels working with an exercise call the Present Moment. When an animal feels connected to a person, it helps them to want to be with that person as well as work with them. The Trust Technique can help with all kinds of behaviours issues, but it also can strengthen a relationship that a person already has with their animals.

A Trust Technique® consultation helps a person to understand and build a trusting relationship with the animals that they are responsible for. It is done one on one with the person and their animal and provides a person with the knowledge to build a healing environment for both of them. The practitioner will work at the person and animal’s pace and will support them on this journey.

The Trust Technique® helps to solve behaviour issues that you are having with your dog.

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