What you will need to do for you and your puppy to get full advantage of the training classes

  1. Attend all the classes
  2. Turn off your cell phone in class
  3. Participate in the class
  4. Do the exercise shown multiple times, so we know you understand how to do the exercise
  5. Ask questions: There are no questions we haven’t heard before and we are here to help you
  6. Practice the exercises at home multiple times, every day
  7. Practices the exercises in different areas inside and outside your home
  8. All family members need to practice the exercise with your puppy. Younger kids need to be supervised
  9. Use the face book group and upload videos and ask questions’
  10. Come into class, proudly showing what you have taught your puppy from previous lessons


The classes are made for you to have fun with your puppy and form a trusting and confident relationship.

Remember: The more work you both put into practicing, the sooner your puppy will have the manners that you want.